• Motion Graphics Design & Production


Motion Graphics Design & Production

Motion graphics is a great way to communicate information about products or services that can’t be filmed. Instead, we use images, text, and exciting visuals to tell your story. We produce informative, entertaining and affordable content that will get you results in the real world. We can tailor the look and feel to your brand, company and budget.

pre production

Pre Production

Scriptwriting, Storyboarding, Designing Looks, Planning, Voiceovers

Shooting on Location


Animating, Keyframing, Timing, Sound Effects & Music


Rendering, Encoding, YouTube, Streaming, Hosting

Pre production motion graphics design

Pre Production

You probably already have an idea about the kind of animation you want to produce and your available budget. Pre-production is, in our view, the key to taking your ideas and transforming them into something powerful. Our script writing and storyboarding artists can help refine your idea and visualise it. Following this, our production manager will look at the details of the next stages of the project such as booking studio time with animators, selecting voice over artists and more.

motion graphics production


For most projects your animation will be produced in a powerful application called After Effects. Our designers have a variety of tools, plugins and resources available to animate your project and create different looks. They will follow the storyboard, animating each scene and adding any voiceovers required, using any assets provided by you or created in the pre-production stage.

Once we have a first draft to share with you, the review cycle begins where we make any changes or modifications requested prior to arriving at the completed project.

Motion Graphic Delivery


After the review cycle and final approval process we will encode your motion graphic animation into any formats required. This may include delivery to online video platforms such as YouTube, corporate intranets, mobile devices, or our secure online web platform.